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My Little Pony: Inner Worlds - Page 1 - My Little Pony: Inner Worlds - By Buford2 - Overview
So, here's the deal:

You were just watching "MLP" when a strange storm unlike any known
before was going on outside.

Suddenly, A lightning bolt glowing an eerie multi-colored glow struck
your house, and in the process turning your TV screen into a powerful
vortex sucking you in, not unlike a black hole. You only remained
conscious long enough to know you were heading straight towards
one of the ponies.

When you fully came to, You were shocked to find out that instead
of just meeting face to face with one of the cast, you were actually
someone inside of his or her body, and what's more, it was surprisingly
populated by sentient cells in cities made up of buildings made from
living tissue.

All this left you with two questions: Which pony's body are you in,
and how can you possibly get back home?

So, which pony are you inside of right now?
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