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The big 1-9 - Page 1 - The big 1-9 - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
Today is a big day. It's your nineteenth birthday. You can enjoy the fruits of a finer life. Such as eating & digesting others, or being the prey. Perhaps even having fun in other ways. Either way it's your big day today, you make the best of it.
Ps, this is my first interactive story, and I would like to apologize ahead of time for any grammar errors, misspellings, strange transitions, inconsistencies, or illogical change of pacing. I will happily take any constructive criticism, or advice.

Also special thanks to Voytsik for giving feedback and ideas for some parts of the story.

Rules and things to expect

(What to expect)
soft vore, oral, vaginal, anal, cock, breast.
Impregnation, cum inflation, pregnancy content
Digestion, fatal, gory(separate options), soft digestion, scat
Sexual content, Incest, (Bisexual content)

(What not to expect)
Under aged characters
Diaper fetishes
Hard vore
Now that we have all of that out of the way, I have one question to ask.
What is your gender?
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