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The big 1-9 - Page 1069 - Cock - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
"I want to send you down the way you got filled." You say as you grope Alex's cum filled belly as you feel yourself get hard again.

Alex smiles, really enjoying your insinuation. "A cum filled cock snack? Sounds amazing!"

You smile and kiss her lips softly. "Feet or head first?"

Alex looks into your eyes deeply with lust. "Feet first please. I want to watch you take me."

"Happy to oblige." You say as you start to take your cock closer to Alex's feet.

You take Alex's feet into your cock and watch as her legs start to slowly slide down your shaft, giving you intense pleasure. Your rod hungrily slurps down her legs and hips.

You can't help but blurt out. "Holy shit!"

Alex seems to be feeling the same way with her lustful moans. "Yes! Take me!"

You nearly cum as your cock head starts to take in Alex's cum filled stomach. You manage to hold yourself back and keep taking more in. Soon after her breasts were taken in, just leaving her head, shoulders, and arms. As her shoulders slid in, she gave your tip a quick kiss before her head is pulled in. You feel her arms slowly slide down your shaft and into your awaiting sack.

"Fuck this feels amazing." You say as you lie down to try to relax.

Alex was moaning hard in your sack and her outline made it clear she was fingering herself. "Yes! So much!"

You grope Alex's outline through your testicle. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Greatly!" She moaned out.

"Good. Now, what should I do with you?" You say in a teasing tone.

"Whatever you want with me! I'm all yours!" Alex moaned as she kept fingering herself.

Well, what do you want to do with her?
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