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The big 1-9 - Page 1070 - Anal - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
"How does anal sound?" You ask.

Rachael seems to slightly blush. "Well, it'll be my first time doing anything in that field. I'm still willing, just go easy on me."

You nod. "Sure thing."

You could see Rachael was already dripping wet as you got ready. You lube yourself up before you slowly put your tip in Rachael's asshole. She gives a loud gasp which quickly turns to moaning as you slowly slide your shaft in and out of her rear.

"This feels better than I thought!" Rachael said as she bounced up and down your cock.

"It really does." You say as you watch Rachael keep going and eventually feel her cumming already.

"I needed this sooner!" Rachael doesn't seem to slow down at all, despite just cumming.

"Seems like it." You say as you relax and enjoy the feeling more.

"Years of not having sex will do this to you." Rachael starts going faster and cums again.

After a a while of her bouncing up and down your sex and cumming a few more times you start to feel yourself getting close.

"Rachael, I'm getting close!" You say as she keeps slamming her hips down.

"You can cum wherever you want!" Rachael kept going hard and fast.

Well, where do you want to cum?
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