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The big 1-9 - Page 426 - Outside - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
Emily keeps going faster and faster as she continues to suck your cock. As she keeps going you keep getting closer and closer to cumming. You can no longer hold off anymore and pull out of Emily's mouth and coat her face with your cum at the same time Alex cums.

"Mmm tasty." Emily says tasting bits of your cum.

"I can agree." Alex says.

Emily rubs her belly before saying. "Enjoy it before you melt."

You listen to Alex moan in her orgasmic bliss as you hear her masturbate again. This time Alex's moans start to slowly fade along with her outline. As Alex almost completely fades away she cums.

"Seems like she enjoyed that." You say as you watch Emily's belly shrink while her breasts and ass grow bigger.

"I know I'm going to enjoy these." Emily says as she squeezes her breasts.

"Oh I know I already am." You say looking at Emily's breasts.

"Well then now that that's out of the way is there anything else you would like to do birthday boy?" Emily asks with a glint of lust in her eyes.
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