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The big 1-9 - Page 427 - Inside - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
Emily keeps going faster and faster and you keep getting closer and closer to cumming. With one final slurp you cum deep down Emily's throat almost at the same time Alex came.

"Yes! Send some for me!" You hear Alex call out as you cum deep down Emily's throat.

You watch as Emily swallows every single drop of your cum, sending it down to Alex. You can hear Alex inside enjoying your semen as you watch and listen to Emily's stomach start to do work on her. You hear Alex cum before you see her outline fade away as she orgasms.

"I'm definitely going to have to do that again in the future." Emily said as she rubs her belly.

"Yeah, that was intense." You say.

"Well is there any other intense things you want to do?" Emily asks.
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