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The big 1-9 - Page 660 - Go to Ben's room - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
"You're going to hear me and Ben talk." You say as you rub your belly.

"Who?" Rachael asked.

"You'll find out in just a second." You say as you open the door and go down the hallway.

You go to Ben's room and knock on the door.

"Come in." You hear him call out.

You open the door and see him laying on his bed.

He looks up and sees your belly before saying. "Whoa! Who did you eat?"

"Your mom." You say only now realizing the situation and what you said.

He laughs a bit before saying. "For real man who did you eat?"

"I wasn't joking, I actually ate your mom." You say.

"Wait really?! She at least willing?" He asked.

"Yeah dear I was willing." Rachael said through your stomach walls.

"That's good. What are you planning on doing with her?" He asked.

What do you want to do?
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