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The big 1-9 - Page 661 - Eat him - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
"I was actually thinking about giving her a room mate in there, you interested?" You ask as you tap your fingers on your belly.

"Sure, tell me what to do." He said sitting up.

"Probably best to take off your clothes. Don't want to get them ruined." You say.

"Good point." Ben said as he took off his clothes.

Once he's done you say. "Lay down on your back, I'll take you in feet first."

Ben listens and you start off by swallowing his feet and slowly going up his legs. You get past his hips and pelvis rather quickly and go up his chest.

"This is honestly my first time being eaten and it feels kinda weird, in a good way I mean." Ben chuckled as you kept going up his chest.

He helps you by putting his arms in your mouth and a little bit of time after that you get past his shoulders and send him into your stomach.

"How are you doing in there?" You ask.

"I'm doing pretty good in here. Different than how I thought it would feel but it's pretty alright so far." Ben said.

"I'm personally enjoying this." Rachael said.

"Good, good." You say enjoying the feeling of the two of them in there.

After a minute Rachael asks. "What are your plans for us now?"
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