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The big 1-9 - Page 662 - Let them out - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
"I'll let you both out in just a second." You say as you start to rub your belly.

You all enjoy the feeling and soon after you start to let them out.

You start to let Rachael out first and spit her out onto Ben's bed. She wipes off some of your saliva from her face before she moves onto the other side of the bed.

You then start to get Ben out of your stomach next. You have a bit of trouble getting him out at first but you manage to get his head and shoulders out and make things easier from there.

You watch as Ben look at his mom and then look at you and say. "Can you get us a couple of towels?"

"Sure." You say heading into the hallway.

You head into the bathroom and grab a couple of towels and head back to Ben's room and toss them the towels.

"Need anything else?" You ask.

"No thank you I think we're good." Rachael said.

What do you want to do now?
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