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The big 1-9 - Page 665 - Eat her - By Mrhidden119 - Overview
"Want to join them?" You say as you rub your belly.

Jesse shrugs before saying. "Why not."

Jesse then moves at the edge of her bed and offers her feet to you. You take her feet into your mouth and then start to slurp down her legs. You swallow her legs down quickly and get to her hips. You get past her hips and start swallowing her torso.

"It's funny, I ate and digested someone who tried to eat me earlier. Now I'm letting you eat me and have your way with me." She chuckled.

You give a small chuckle as you continue to swallow her. You get past her breasts and soon after you swallow her head and send her to your stomach.

You take a moment to enjoy the feeling before asking. "How are you all doing in there?"

"We're doing fine, getting the whole family here at this point." Rachael replied.

"Practically yeah." You reply.

"What are your plans for us?" Ben asked.

Well what are your plans?
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