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The big 1-9 - Page 865 - Oral - By somedude601 - Overview
"Down my throat then? Okay. Be a good slut and squirm around once you get down there, would you?" Madeline teased as her jaws opened up wide.

Before you knew it, your head was encased in the warm, wet depths of her mouth.

Her tongue was running up and down your face as you could hear moans of pleasure.

The next few minutes that she spends swallowing pass by quickly. She was clearly an experienced predator.

However, she paused once she reached your crotch. Her tongue flicked across your cock, which was already hard and throbbing.

With your head just inches from reaching her stomach, you just had to endure her teasing, though you couldn't really complain.

You let out a yelp as a sharp pain was felt against your asscheek.

Then again.

She was spanking you! Any protests you may have had went unheard and unheeded as she turned your ass red. You had to admit though, it was only heightening the pleasure you felt.

It only took a couple of minutes before your cock was twitching and shooting its load across her tongue and down her throat.

She let out a low chuckle and attempted to say something to you in a teasing tone, but it was incomprehensible due to your being stuck in her throat.

A few more gulps and you were entirely within her belly, the liquefied remains of her last meal still sloshing around inside of it.

You couldn't help feeling aroused knowing that was your fate too, and as you heard a belch echoing above.

Her hands went to her distended gut, kneading and rubbing at it.

"There now. All snug in my guts. Now what should I do with my little meal, hmmm?"
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