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The big 1-9 - Page 885 - crawl back inside her - By TheDarkTraveler - Overview
"Honestly, I feel like going out the way I came in; or more accurately going in the way I came out." You replied as you crawled under the covers and stuck your head up your mum's nightie. There you found that your mother wore no underwear. You looked straight into the place of your birth. inching closer you gave your mother's clit a playful lick, causing moans as you inserted a finger into her vagina. You slowly wiggled more fingers in while eating her out, she got wetter and wetter and her moans were intensifying. You felt movement around you as your dad pulled down her nightie and began fondling her breasts.
Once you got a full hand in, you quickly got the other in and started pushing past her cervix and pulling yourself into her womb.
Your mother screamed out in pleasure as she squirted on your head as you pushed it in. You found yourself surrounded by red flesh as you crawled back inside your mother. After her second orgasm shudder around your shoulders, you slipped in much quicker. You curled up inside the womb that had once grown you.
The question is what now?
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