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The big 1-9 - Page 886 - Digest me - By somedude601 - Overview
You can feel her patting her belly happily at your decision.

"Oh I was hoping you would say that. Please, enjoy yourself while you can. I definitely will be~"

Before too long, you can hear moaning coming from outside, occasionally she presses down on her gut, speeding up your digestion.

With nothing else to do and also being turned on quite a bit by the situation, your hand goes down to your throbbing cock to join her in pleasure.

The air is filled with your combined moans, the loud gurgles of her digesting belly, and the occasional belch from her.

However she soon starts pressing her face into her distended gut and teasing you about your fate. About what a nice ass she'll have after this. What a good little meal you are.

It drives you over the edge and you cum, your load spraying into the acids below, which are slowly starting to overtake you.

As she soon reaches her own orgasm, her stomach clenches, ending you quickly. Panting in the afterglow, Madeline pokes her gut, but only gets a gurgle in response.

"Ah, well damn. Shoulda warned you my orgasms were... explosive. Enjoy your trip!"
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