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Monster Island - Page 1 - Monster Island - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Welcome to Monster Island! Here, you must survive an island, inhabited by dangerous monsters. They love those who get stranded here. Your goal is to survive, and find a way to get off the island, or failing that, make sure you can survive amongst the creatures.

The rules;
No M/M or F/F.
No Hard Vore.
Proper grammar and spelling.


When you woke up, you could smell the sea.

Looking around where you had seemed to have nodded off showed you were on a beach, on some strange island possibly. So, first thing you did was make a shelter before night came, and go to sleep.

You had woken up feeling way too relaxed.

Subsequent nights felt weird, and eventually you had moved on from the beach and settled in within the foliage. Still, you couldn't shake the feeling that something was happening to you at night.

This time, you were going to find out.

You went through your usual routine as normal, but when night came, you stayed awake, pretending to be asleep. You had almost given up on your plan when you heard a soft footstep outside your makeshift shelter.
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