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Another World - Page 1 - Another World - By Thor11 - Overview

Another world is an adventure story based around the archeologist Emily Rockwell. What your main goal is in this new world you’ve been cast too is up to you. Are you hellbent on returning to earth, Is this place the home you’ve never had, Are you destined to rule, To be the most powerful predator here or to become an additional nutritional statistic to another being? It’s all up to you what your goal is. This story will try to be immersive as possible, your actions may not lead to your goals if you’re not thinking carefully.

This story contains:
Reader Pred
Reader Prey
Human preds
Demi Preds
Oral vore
Rape (Will contain warning and will be underlined to readers who wish to avoid this)
Gooey Digestion
Hard Digestion (Warning, most digestions will be this)
Feral prey
Same size
Unwilling prey (Some willing will be dotted around)
Underage preds and prey

Will never contain:
Cock vore
Hard vore
Furry Preds
Furry prey
Feral preds
Male preds
Painless or pleasurable digestion (I mean why would having you body being broken down be painless)

Things I have not listed may or may not appear in the future if it’s a unique type of vore there will be a warning before hand Incase the individual doesn’t like such a case.

Emily Rockwell Ref Image:

Emily's Image along with a few main characters will be the only one I do unless people want more.

Now with all that out of the way let’s begin shall we?
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