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The Kobold Cavern - Page 1 - The Kobold Cavern - By Dragonblaze - Overview
A young dragon finds himself exploring a dangerous cave that no one has returned from. Rumours of treasure so vast it can't be taken with, powers that grant eternal life in its reach, stories spread like wildfire. Now, he must be brave and face the dangers of the caverns, or else he may or may not ever find himself being brave ever in his life.

A very much different interactive, this one is inspired by "The Kobold Nursery". It is based on diapers, babying, regression, hypnosis, and other things related to said custom adventure. Expect very little vore, but don't expect no vore, and definitely don't expect fatal vore.

The rules will be foregone this time, since this will be entirely my custom work. This page will also be different, as it will be a hub for rules and basics, as well as the starting point of the adventure.
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