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The Kobold Cavern - Page 15 - It stares at you - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Its eyes lock with yours, and the light within them glows brighter and brighter. You try to push against the coils, but for some reason you can't seem to put as much effort as you should be able to. Your muscles relax, and you focus on staring into its eyes, glowing with such beautiful lights…

You feel warm and safe, as the snake continues to coil around you, soothing your body. You smile, eyes drooping, as you find yourself falling asleep…

…You open your eyes, oddly drowsy, as you pick yourself up and look around. You feel something soft wrapped around your waist. You look down and see some kind of soft poofy object wrapped around you. You stand up, and look around, finding only an inanimate object that looks like the snake from before.

Equipment gained:
Diaper; Comfy
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