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The Kobold Cavern - Page 2 - Diapers - By Dragonblaze - Overview
Diapers make it more difficult to sneak around, and take some time to remove. The following list shows what diapers are in the caves.

Nothing special, just a diaper.
This diaper is thicker, and is more noisy. You can't sneak around effectively with this diaper.
This diaper is filled with babying powder. Touching it or being touched will cause you to suffer a dose of Babying Powder.
This diaper feels really comfortable. You don't feel like you want to take it off, really. Attempts to take it off might not work.
This diaper creates soothing music, easing your mind. Every action made will apply a Weaken Will effect.
Bright pink, heavy diaper. Very sissy like. You can hardly move in it and cannot break grabs. Only found in Sissy Route.
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