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The Kobold Cavern - Page 5 - Bottles - By Dragonblaze - Overview
These bottles contain a milky substance – milk. Drinking a bottle takes about one minute. Each has their own effects. A list is shown below.

A bottle of white liquid. Just a plain bottle.
This bottle does not run out. It appears to be just a regular bottle. Unless you realise it is not running out, you will drink from it constantly.
A bottle that tastes very strange. You feel like you can't hold it in anymore. Causes you to wet. Instantly suffer 5 stacks of ever Weaken effect permanently if not wearing a diaper or sleeper at the time.
A bottle of pink liquid. You can't quite describe the taste – but it's very nice. Makes you drink any bottle you can see.
A large bottle of pink liquid. It tastes very sweet. Applies 1 of every Weaken effect. Only found in Sissy Route.
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