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Humanly food - Page 137 - Several Relatives - By alockwood1 - Overview
It was easier to say which of the Vulpines didn't own a member of your family. Parents, and siblings, were owned by the immediate relatives of your Primary Master-Owner. Each time the Vulpines went to have a child, your parents were encouraged to have one. Every time the Mistress was pregnant, so was your mother. Your youngest sibling slept in the same crib as Benny's youngest.

You also had aunts, uncles, and cousins, on both sides of your Master's family. Bone Carriers liked to make sure that each member of the family had a human Pet-Slave their age to care for. Sometimes though, the family would just need to buy a human.

There was one thing that you knew about your blood-kin - they had what was called The Spark of Intelligence and Defiance.

What are you doing?
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