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Humanly food - Page 28 - Later, With Sally - By alockwood1 - Overview
A few hours later, you were lying in a bed, Sally in your arms, as you held each other close. After Martha had covered your face in her juices, you'd met up with Sally. You had wanted to be with her, but she suggested that you mate with Rene and Amanda first, that way you could have each other for the rest of the night. You did as she suggested - the other two were nice, friendly, reasonably smart, and were glad that the two of you could be together again.

As you laid there, you wondered what your future would hold. This morning, you thought that you'd be someone's Supper. Now though, being supper didn't look like it would happen too soon. You looked at Sally, and gave her a kiss. For the moment, the future looked reasonably well. Perhaps even brighter than it had been, as your eyes drifted towards Sally's belly, which was now filled with your seed.
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