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Humanly food - Page 94 - Martha tells you what she plans to do - By alockwood1 - Overview
Martha held something up. "This is a Protective Pill," she said. "I swallow it, and if I swallowed you or Sally, or both of you, that person would be safe. While inside of me, I want them to rub my insides, while the other rubs my outsides. After a while, we'll take a bath, where I'll bring the person up at, and I'll help to clean them off. While we do that, George, I'll tell you what I know about your father, and what he's done to try to free Humanity. Are you okay with this?"

You gulped. All your life you were raised to be food. But, now... you weren't sure.

Sally gave you a kiss. "It will be alright," she said. "I've seen her do this sort of thing before, and I've been through it. She'd vomit the person up onto a cushion in the bathroom. Then, she would wash them, herself."

"Alright," you said, with a sigh. "If you trust her, I can trust her."
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