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Devoured by the friend group - Page 24 - He continues to use you - By Youngcub - Overview
Connor grabs you again and continues to push you in and out until he cums against his wall.

"Holy fuck-" he pants.

He slides you out in one wet and moist pull. He grabs a tissue from his bedside cabinet and begins to wipe you down.

"You are better than any dildo I've used" he pants.

His legs tremble slightly, as he rests them down and puts you against his chest.

"Good campaign notes?" you ask.

Connor laughs.

"I don't think my players would want this" he grins, "This is my fantasy now".

He picks you up in his palm as he sits up.

"And you're all mine" he grins.

And for the foreseeable future, you are Connor's very own dildo.
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