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Coming of Age. - Page 2 - Male - By Ansem-The-Wise - Overview
Your name is Orin. You were born outside of the village you grew up in. Your parents died sometime after you were born. From the day you joined the village, you were raised as one of them. You were trained in both hand-to-hand and weapons fighting. The best in the village, you astounded everyone with your agility and strength.

On the day you turned eighteen, you were told by the village leaders that it was time for you to start your life somewhere else. Everyone knew that you would be destined to achieve greatness. The leaders gave you a sword, a shield, a bow with a quiver of arrows. The only thing you have that will help you in your journey is a small leather bag holding 1,000 gold coins.

The gates to the village close behind you. You walk down the path into the woods, not sure what to expect. You've gone into the woods plenty of  times, but  you've never  gone farther than about a quarter of a mile into the woods. You walk farther into the woods, calming yourself, repeating the phrase I can do this, I can do this. I'm the best warrior in the village.

You feel a drop of water on your face. You look up and, through the branches of the trees, you see dark storms clouds. The rain quickly falls down harder and harder. You run through the woods, looking for shelter.

You end up at a crossroads. The path on the left leads further into the woods. Looking down the right path, you can see an open cave in the side of the valley.
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