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Cockvore Royale - Page 694 - Head North to the Family Restaurant - By Thibs - Overview
"There..." You said raising your hand and pointing outside. Across the road the family restaurant loomed in the distance.

Chestnut smirked. "That's where I woke up."

"Anything good there?" You asked looking over your shoulder.

"Honestly I didn't spend much time there." He said gathering his things. "I left pretty much as soon as that old man stopped talking."

"Well we'll start there for now, see where the day leads us." You said heading towards the door. "You coming?" You said looking at Charcoal.

Looking a little embarrassed he nodded his head. "Yeah man. I'm with you."

"Alright then. Keep low, if someone comes at us stick together." You said opening the door of the Ice Cream parlour. The little bell on the door dingled on your way out. It was musty outside, but no where nearly as bad as that cum soaked ice cream shop.

There was a gentle breeze in the dry air. The dead plant life scattered around the arena rustled slightly as the air current moved past. Something was circulating the air here. Probably to keep you all from suffocating. Either way it was nice to smell something besides the mess Chestnut had just left on the floor. Crossing the street the three of you kept your eyes peeled on your surroundings. Still no sight of anyone moving or running around. The chipping concrete under your feet made every step feel unsafe.

The big wooden double doors of the family restaurant stood like a bulwark. Uneasily you peaked inside the window and saw nothing. Just a dark restaurant. Pulling the right door open you stuck your head in and listened. Nothing but the drip of a leaky faucet.

Looking around the front you saw there was two large windows on either side of the door. The inside looked fairly nice. To the right was the family dining area. All booths and tables, with the kitchen situated somewhere behind that. The left side of the building was the bar and patio side with the bathrooms behind them. Either way it seemed empty. No signs of life. Ushering the other two inside you closed behind you taking one last look to make sure you weren't being followed. Knowing that you were inside and out of sight your heart rate started to drop. Now it was just a matter of what to do next.

Currently Quick Study used on Charcoal-Speed freak- Charcoal is quick on his feet allowing him to get a bonus reaction once per conflict with another competitor. Loses half less energy while running or doing anything with his legs. +1 Bonus speed every digestion.

Nationality- Poland
Occupation- Tutor
Trait- Quick study- Chocolate is able to know the Trait of anyone he encounters. He is also able to use others traits while they're close to him. Is also able to Assimilate a bonus trait.
Assimilated Trait- Quick Temper- When in physical conflicts Chocolate gets three initial reactions instead of one. Less likely to suffer injuries.
Bonus trait- None

Current Location-Ice Cream Parlour


Height-5'9" 175.26
Eyes-Dark Blue
Hair-Short Style Waves
Hair colour- Golden Brown
Skin Tone- Warm Ivory
Body Hair- Light chest
Dick size-4.8" inch soft, 6.4" inch hard
Distinct features- Glasses, Clock tattoo Right Hand

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- -Spotless
Injuries- None
Eroticism- Aroused-10%

Jock Strap[WEARING]
Running Shoes[WEARING]
Duffle Bag(Body Wash-100%, Pull Chain, Cock Vibrator-90% battery, Pain Killers-100%)
Wooden Bat
Hand cuffs


Charcoal[Ally Rank 1]
Nationality- Yemen
Occupation- Footballer
Trait- Speed freak- Charcoal is quick on his feet allowing him to get a bonus reaction once per conflict with another competitor. Loses half less energy while running or doing anything with his legs. +1 Bonus speed every digestion.
Assimilated Trait- None


Height-5'10" 177.8cm
Eyes-Dark Brown
Hair-Medium tapered and spiked
Hair colour- Caramel brown
Skin Tone- Honey
Body Hair- Light abdomen
Dick size-3.5" inch soft, 5" inch hard
Distinct features- Goatee, multiple ear piercings both ears.

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- Spotless
Injuries- Bruise, Head(65% healed, untreated)
Eroticism- Flaccid-0%

G-String(Wearing)Increases the Arousal of Cowardly and Deviant
Fire Poker
Bottle of Lube(90%)
Silver Key

Chestnut Brown[Ally Rank 2]
Nationality- Sweden
Occupation- Nurse
Trait- Long Suffering- Is able to treat their own and others injuries without needing First aid kits or medical equipment. Less likely to suffer injuries. Knows how to safely put prey down, when Digesting is able to shorten both Digestion time and Orgasm Weakness by 5 minutes each. +1 Willpower per digestion.
Assimilated Trait- None


Height-6'1" 185.92cm
Eyes-Pale Brown
Hair-Crew cut
Hair colour- Dark Brunette
Skin Tone- Ivory
Body Hair- Light Chest
Dick size-2" inch soft, 5" inch hard
Distinct features- Glasses, Sun Tattoo lower back

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- Spotless
Injuries- None
Eroticism- Flaccid-0%

Thong(Wearing)Increases the Arousal of Defensive and Seductive
Letter Opener
Rape Whistle
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