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Cockvore Royale - Page 699 - Explore/Scavenge the Restaurant - By Thibs - Overview
"Spread out, let's see what we can find here. No one goes outside though. I don't want to give away our position to anyone else out there." You said.

"Right." Charcoal said heading towards the bar side

"I'll take the dining room I guess." Chestnut said moving to the right.

That left the back for you. Walking through the front of house you started your search off by pushing the double doors of the kitchen and walked inside. Stepping inside you saw the kitchen, frozen in time, left for you to discover it. Before this place had become a spot for this twisted game it had once been a real town with real people. Where they had went was anyone's guess. Someone had taken great care to clean the place once upon a time. Now the entire place was covered in a thick layer of dust and grime.

Walking to the cook top you immediately found a set of knives. A Butcher knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife. All three were still razor sharp, though their handles were a little dirty. While most of the food in the kitchen had gone rotten and decayed a long time ago, there was still a squeeze bottle of oil on the cook top that was full of a cooking oil.

Continuing to look around you found a bunch of pots and pans and cook ware. Though the only thing that looked like it might be of any use was a solid Frying pan. You also found some clean towels stacked neatly in a pile at the corner of the room.

The main surprise came when you opened the walk in freezer. Rather than frost burned meat and vegetables, you instead found skulls. Human skulls. They lined the freezer shelves, each one painted a different colour. "What the hell?" You muttered looking at the one closest to to. It had a thick dark blue paint on it. It didn't take long for you to realize what they most likely were. Last year's losers. A brief count of the skulls confirmed your suspicion. 61 skulls lined the freezer shelves. It was eerie to say the least. Not wanting to freak out your allies you quickly stepped out of the freezer and closed the solid metal door behind you.

Heading back out to the dining room you laid out your finds on the floor. Chestnut came over and did the same. "Sorry, I didn't have a lot of luck out here." He said. He added some votive candles, matches, and a roll of extension cord he had peeled off the floor.

Charcoal came rushing over dropping some sealed bottles of high proof liquor on the floor and a sealed First aid kit. "Hey man! I found something way more important!" he said. grabbing you by your wrist he pointed out the window.

Back across the street where you had just come from was one of your rivals. They looked a little worse for wear but wasted no time rushing inside the little Ice Cream parlour. You couldn't see him that well except that he was a white guy with dirty blonde hair who had some chest hair. Whoever it was it didn't seem like he had noticed you all. Instinctively you all squatted and got low. "Definitely more important." You said.

Found Items
Serrated Knife
Butcher Knife
Paring Knife
Sturdy Frying pan
Oil bottle(100%)
Clean Towels x5
Book of Matches(100%)
Votive candle x3
10' Extension Cord
High proof liquor x3

Currently Quick Study used on Charcoal-Speed freak- Charcoal is quick on his feet allowing him to get a bonus reaction once per conflict with another competitor. Loses half less energy while running or doing anything with his legs. +1 Bonus speed every digestion.

Nationality- Poland
Occupation- Tutor
Trait- Quick study- Chocolate is able to know the Trait of anyone he encounters. He is also able to use others traits while they're close to him. Is also able to Assimilate a bonus trait.
Assimilated Trait- Quick Temper- When in physical conflicts Chocolate gets three initial reactions instead of one. Less likely to suffer injuries.
Bonus trait- None

Current Location-Ice Cream Parlour


Height-5'9" 175.26
Eyes-Dark Blue
Hair-Short Style Waves
Hair colour- Golden Brown
Skin Tone- Warm Ivory
Body Hair- Light chest
Dick size-4.8" inch soft, 6.4" inch hard
Distinct features- Glasses, Clock tattoo Right Hand

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- -Spotless
Injuries- None
Eroticism- Chub-20%

Jock Strap[WEARING]
Running Shoes[WEARING]
Duffle Bag(Body Wash-100%, Pull Chain, Cock Vibrator-90% battery, Pain Killers-100%)
Wooden Bat
Hand cuffs
First Aid kit


Charcoal[Ally Rank 1]
Nationality- Yemen
Occupation- Footballer
Trait- Speed freak- Charcoal is quick on his feet allowing him to get a bonus reaction once per conflict with another competitor. Loses half less energy while running or doing anything with his legs. +1 Bonus speed every digestion.
Assimilated Trait- None


Height-5'10" 177.8cm
Eyes-Dark Brown
Hair-Medium tapered and spiked
Hair colour- Caramel brown
Skin Tone- Honey
Body Hair- Light abdomen
Dick size-3.5" inch soft, 5" inch hard
Distinct features- Goatee, multiple ear piercings both ears.

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- Spotless
Injuries- Bruise, Head(70% healed, untreated)
Eroticism- Aroused-10%

G-String(Wearing)Increases the Arousal of Cowardly and Deviant
Fire Poker
Bottle of Lube(90%)
Silver Key

Chestnut Brown[Ally Rank 2]
Nationality- Sweden
Occupation- Nurse
Trait- Long Suffering- Is able to treat their own and others injuries without needing First aid kits or medical equipment. Less likely to suffer injuries. Knows how to safely put prey down, when Digesting is able to shorten both Digestion time and Orgasm Weakness by 5 minutes each. +1 Willpower per digestion.
Assimilated Trait- Something from Nothing- Chestnut is able to disassemble buildings and vehicles to fashion weapons from the components. Can always locate items that were held by prey after digestion. Gains +2 Willpower per digestion.


Height-6'1" 185.92cm
Eyes-Pale Brown
Hair-Crew cut
Hair colour- Dark Brunette
Skin Tone- Ivory
Body Hair- Light Chest
Dick size-2" inch soft, 5" inch hard
Distinct features- Glasses, Sun Tattoo lower back

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- Spotless
Injuries- None
Eroticism- Aroused-10%

Thong(Wearing)Increases the Arousal of Defensive and Seductive
Letter Opener
Rape Whistle
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