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Cockvore Royale - Page 71 - Items selected, head upstairs - By Thibs - Overview
With the items laid out before you it takes a few moments but eventually you settle on what to take. Putting the Duct tape roll over your wrist like a bracelet, you then grip the Hammer and Nails with one hand and Hold the cable ties with the other along with the Flat Shovel. With your new items in tow you take a breath a slowly climb the stairs to get a view of the rest of the house.

You come up the stairs and see a big open floor plan, the basement was just off of the kitchen and the back door of the house. Looking around out the windows you could see that you were definitely in Suburbia some where. The house was a decent size. The down stairs had a few closets, a half bath, living room, office, the kitchen that you had already seen. The upstairs looked to have a full bath, a linen closet, and three bedrooms.

You were debating doing a more in depth search when you heard a the sound of broken glass across the street. Taking a peek out the window you saw someone moving around in one of the houses across the road. It looks who ever it was accidently broke a window while they were looking around inside. The sound was loud to you but it wasn't likely to draw very much attention to anyone who wasn't within a pretty small area. It was the first sign of another competitor you had seen yet, but the fact was it was broad day light outside meant it wouldn't be easy to sneak up unnoticed, to the guy in the house, or anyone else who was watching. Though if you were going to make an early move it might be now or never.

You had a better vantage point now so you could see that there was another house to your west through the back yard which at least gave you somewhere new if you needed to bail in a hurry. You could also see the Stadium down the road better now. It was fairly big in size but getting there would require you to be exposed out in the open for a while. It was a big space though so even if someone was there it might be possible to stay out of sight inside.

It seemed pretty early in the morning so odds were there was still going to be plenty of daylight left. The question was what to do with it.
Nationality- Denmark
Occupation- Librarian
Trait- Bookmark- Men who are milked by Beige are paralyzed by Orgasm weakness for a half hour instead of 15 minutes. Is also able to set up a "Home Base" Once in the Royale that allows him to recover conditions much faster than normal when resting there.
Assimilated Trait- None


Height-5'9" 175.26cm
Hair-Classic Undercut
Hair colour- Strawberry Blonde
Skin Tone- Porcelain
Body Hair- Minimal
Dick size-2" inch soft, 5.5" inch hard
Distinct features- Glasses, Clean shaven

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- Spotless
Injuries- None
Eroticism- Flaccid

Current Items-
-Flat Shovel
-Cable ties
-Duct Tape

Current Location- House in Suburban Block 1
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