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Cockvore Royale - Page 75 - Head out the back yard towards the house behind you - By Thibs - Overview
You were curious about your other options but quickly thought better of it. Staying out of sight would be important until you managed to get stronger. Rather than risk exposure to who ever was paying attention in the front of the house you decide it was best to sneak out the back and keep a low profile. You head for the rear sliding door and head outside with your items in hand.

The back yard was pretty mundane. There was a flower garden extending back along the fence line and a decent size vegetable garden to the other side where there was also a small garden shed. The next yard was not nearly as well maintained. There was overgrown shrubs covering most of the fence line but you managed to sneak through fairly easily. The only thing to note in this back yard was a fire pit that looked like it hadn't been cleaned out in years. The house itself wasn't in as nice of a condition either but it was still very much livable. You peak inside a few of the windows at the back and confirm that in the very least it didn't appear anyone was inside.

There was another house to both your left and you right. Sticking your head out from the back of the house you looked out at your surroundings to see what else was new. The front yard of the house ended at a much larger road then the one in suburban area. It was a 4 lane road where there were more businesses than houses. Down a ways was a Donut shop but it was fair distance. Much closer to you was a synagogue that was almost directly across the street and a decent sized bakery beside that.

You were thinking about your options when you were startled by the appearance of another competitor. Though thankfully the man didn't seem to see you. It looked like he was sprinting down the street away from the Donut shop. He was still a minute away from your current location but didn't look like he meant to stop there, rather he was probably going to just run past you.

Nationality- Denmark
Occupation- Librarian
Trait- Bookmark- Men who are milked by Beige are paralyzed by Orgasm weakness for a half hour instead of 15 minutes. Is also able to set up a "Home Base" Once in the Royale that allows him to recover conditions much faster than normal when resting there.
Assimilated Trait- None


Height-5'9" 175.26cm
Hair-Classic Undercut
Hair colour- Strawberry Blonde
Skin Tone- Porcelain
Body Hair- Minimal
Dick size-2" inch soft, 5.5" inch hard
Distinct features- Glasses, Clean shaven

Tattoo colours-
Cleanliness- Spotless
Injuries- None
Eroticism- Aroused

Current Items-
-Flat Shovel
-Cable ties
-Duct Tape

Current Location- House in Suburban Block 1

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