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Tropical Getaway - Page 28 - It doesn't like that (warning: graphic) - By GhostWriter - Overview
Focusing all your strength on your dangling legs, you bend your knees as fast as possible, striking the croc on the head with your feet. It jolts with a surprised growl. You wind up your knees and flick them again.

This time, the monster reacts violently. With a roar that reverberates across your prone form and sends your ears ringing, the creature shakes its head and opens its jaws. Without a moment to react, it suddenly snaps down again, severing your legs just above the knee. Oops.

You gasp in anticipation of a shriek just as your face plunges into stomach acid. Within seconds, you drown with a contorted expression of pain and confusion.

Your legs, now limp and perfectly compliant, get scooped up one after the other by the croc and disappear down the hatch. They join you too late, but at least you are reunited in death.

The croc leisurely carries your bulge throughout the rest of the day until you are dissolved into pulp. Your proteins are tasked to help repair the damage you did to its eyes, and once finished, you are excreted into a mound and forgotten.

Oops, Vored Too Hard
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