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Club Vore - Page 76 - Take her hand and Follow inside - By Funnymain - Overview
You reach it and gentle lay your hand into here paw. Her paw pads are rough but are well maintained and manicured. Her fingers wrap around yours TIGHTLY. Clearly a woman of great strength but doesn't control it well.

Being this close you realize she is at least two feet taller than you. Almost as large as Charlie was. Her exotic perfume wafts in your face as you guided through the doors and into the main room.

The party doesn't quite stop, but people definitely start to look at the both of you.

'Who is this lady?' you think to your self

She elegantly glides, one foot in front of the other. The sound of her heels clicking over the music and voices. Every so often her leg slips out the front of her dress.

You both make your way to the stairs and head up to the rooms. All along the way you hear the sounds of ecstasy coming from some rooms and cries for help coming from others. A whole collection of different animal noises escaping from them all. You then reach a door at the end of the hall, its far enough from the other rom that the noises have softened.

Before you have a chance to ask, she looks down at you and speaks

"These are my private quarters, please make yourself at home"

The door swings open and you can't believe your eyes!
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