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Hunter Becomes The Hunted - Page 1 - Entrance - By Tyamet2000 - Overview

Long ago, there lived a young fox girl named Cassidy. She was just about 20 years in age, and had a soft white fur covering her beautiful form. Wearing only a metal bikini top and loincloth, she was a huntress. Sworn to defend the land from the dark creatures that infested the lands. But there was one she wanted to kill more than any of them. The Werewolf King, who lived deep within the Forest of Death. She trained herself for years in unarmed combat, as most swords were useless against such a demon.

Now, Cassidy stood at the entrance to the forest, the moon full and high in the night sky. Only a fool would enter this forest at night. But, the vixen was confident in her fighting abilities.

But then, before she could step into the forest, she heard a gurgling sound behind her. Whirling around, she found herself face-to-face with a lime green blob. It was waist high, remains of half-dissolved armor and weapons hovering inside it's jelly. From the looks of it, Cassidy could tell it wasn't very strong. But, fighting any slime bare-handed was difficult. She had to decide how to handle this situation.

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