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Vore Game! - Page 1 - Vore Game! - By TheRenic - Overview
Welcome to the Vore Game!
In this story, unlike most Interactive Stories the choices are determined by dice! A standard set of D&D dice is recomended, though you can choice the choices as normal. Most of the choices will be shown as simply a number. Your die roll will tell you which number to chose.

Now, there are of course plenty of fetishes that some love and for others are a turn off. For thoes unusual fetishes there will be a warning next to that number, if its not your things, simply reroll.

At the bottom of each chapter will be a description of which die you should use, for example:

"Roll a D6 to determine your outcome"

There would be 6 choices to chose from that.

D3 or D2
Some chapters will have choice numbers that do not correspond to numbers on a die, for instance, a chapter may only have 3 choices, and will instruct to roll a D3, to do this roll a D6, 1or2=1 3or4=2 5or6=3
for a D2, you can roll any die you wish, an even number represents a 2 and an ODD number represents a 1

This way every time you read this story it will be a different experience! Its like a roleplay game without the hassle of a DM or a character sheet!

If you wish to add to this story, feel free to do so! But do not add new chapter choices to existing chapters! WHen you do add a chapter, ensure that the number of choices correspond to a number of faces on a die found in a set of D&D dice, With exceptions of 2 or 3 choice chapters. Follow the format of existing chapters. I reserve the right to edit or delete chapters you write that either do not meet the format criteria or do not fit with the previous chapter.

Not all chapters will have random choice, and might be named, those you can chose at will.
This is far simpler than it sounds, I promise you. Just a couple chapters in and you will see exactly all I have talked about.

With that in mind, it is time to begin the story and start your first choice. There will be a few questions to get you started on your journey. How long can you survive the VORE GAME?

Are you a Male or a Female?
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