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Vore Game! - Page 11 - 1 (F) - By TheRenic - Overview
... your mother. She stands there looking at you with a concerned expression on her face, holding a plate of bacon, eggs, some toast and glass or orange juice. "Morning to you too grumpy head! I brought you some breakfast and some aspirin. You came home pretty messed up last night, I though you would have a nice hangover. Looks like I was right." She said.
You groan wishing she wouldn't talk so loud, though you reason she's likely speaking at her normal soft volume. She was right. The food looked delicious, and the OJ and aspirin sound like music to your ears. You nod gratefully not trusting yourself to speak and step aside to let her in and place to food on your desk. You sit down gratefully at your chair and pick up the juice and toss the pills in your mouth before taking a swallow. She stands next to you and gently brushes her fingers through your hair.
"Give it some time to kick in. You will feel much better I promise." You nod softly, not wanting to dislodge her fingers. You always had a close relationship with her.

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