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Hungry for more~! - Page 2 - Confront the beast - By XenonIsAWagon - Overview
You go to confront the beast that watches from afar. You’re not sure why you’re doing this, as you’re scared shitless. The leaves hiding your exposed body fall off, you now becoming self conscious about it. As you got closer, you saw the snarling face of a wolf, but not any wolf, no no, a 7” tall, muscular werewolf.

It loomed over your frail body, tilting its head in confusion as you approached. It lowers its towering body onto all fours, muzzle almost touching your pale face. You pet it’s snoot, looking away as you did so, as to not see it tear your arm right off. Instead, it licks it, covering your palms in wet canine slobber. You’re no longer sure what its intentions are.

Stepping back, you see its male, by it’s red hunk of meat. Noticing you saw it, it pins you to the floor, twitching sheath planted on your chest.

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