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Old Grey City - Page 1 - First Page - By Lamnia - Overview
Grey City
Warning: Contains full digestion and eventual references to scat.

(The world change a few weeks ago when a message encrypted was received a few days ago.  It came from a system some 20 lightyears away some say.  It seemed to have suddenly died in a week long buz of information, about 10 terrabytes a second… But the world seems to have moved on.  For the first few days the news was about how life was not so unique and yet did not stay on the subject.  A week later the news was talking about what the latest political pundant was saying, the latest teen idol was doing, and what the latest gas prices are at now…

But that does not concern you immediately, but you think about it a little.)

You are walking along and have been bored most of the day, the city has been kinda drizzeling all weekend long and not much action.  The city’s towers are huge shadows above in the grey misty rain.  The smells in the air remind one of jerzy hotdogs, strong cigars, and various other foods.  A football game had finished hours ago and the crowds on the streets have thinned out.  The pubs are with constant crowds, the strip joints are a buz, and yet there is nothing specific in mind going on.

Your bored and a little pissed at the news rooms are too easily distracted…


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