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Girls Can’t Be Heroes - Page 2 - Begin - By tummyterrors - Overview
“D-do you… do you think she’s still alive?”

Captain Leandra regarded the sniffling mother with a sympathetic gaze. She wanted to reassure her, but when a 15 year old girl is carried off by an orc… they aren’t seen again. It just doesn’t happen.

“If she is, rest assured we’ll bring her back,” she said gently. “But… orc men usually eat the girls they kidnap within an hour or two of taking them. Just long enough to…” she trailed off. She didn’t have to describe in detail what orcs did to pretty young girls before eating them. “Just… be prepared for the worst.”

“Oh, Sylvia,” the poor woman sobbed, burying her face in her hands. “My sweet little girl…”

“We’ll make sure he pays for this, if nothing else,” the captain said, knowing it was of little comfort to the bereaved mother. “We’ll be back when it’s done.” She left her to her grief and returned to her troop. They were an impressive group of females, a diverse cast of mercenaries with different skills and specialities.

“What’s the good news, chief?” asked Ulanda, their “tank”. She had fiery red curls and was easily six feet tall, with muscular arms and thighs as thick and sturdy as tree trunks.

“Come on, Ulanda,” Nylfami sighed somberly. The slender, blonde haired elf was a practiced magician, and had saved them from harm many times. “A girl has been eaten. At least try to care.”

“Sulking won’t save her,” Ulanda countered. “Bashing that orc’s skull in will save others though.”

“The orc’s name is Gorbag,” Leandra said. “And apparently he’s well-known around these parts. This isn’t the first girl he’s run off with.”

“Well, she’ll be the last!” Dorian exclaimed, clenching her fist in determination. She was the youngest of the troop, a bright-eyed brunette who was quite skilled with her sword.

“Ugh, why’d we have to take this job,” whined Nori, their dark-skinned archer. She was the most intelligent, sensible member of the group, but didn’t share the enthusiasm for battle her comrades did. “I hate orcs… goddess, I hate them! They’re stinky, and mean… and so big…”

“They are dangerous,” Leandra agreed. We’ll have to be careful. Even with all of us working together, this will be a tough job. Orcs are not to be taken lightly, especially the males.”

“Filthy creatures,” Nylfami sniffed. “They ought to be exterminated.” Ulanda’s brow furrowed and she crossed her arms, but she said nothing.

“If they don’t change their ways, I’m inclined to agree,” Leandra admitted. She was not one to condemn an entire race, regardless of how unsavory they were… but orcs were a plague. Women of all ages were disappearing by the dozens- men too, occasionally- but it was obvious which they preferred.

“Let’s start with this one,” Dorian said eagerly, hopping to her feet and drawing her sword.

“What did I tell you about waving your sword around outside of combat?” Leandra scolded her.

“Sorry,” she said, sheathing it quickly. “I’m just fired up… that poor girl deserved better.”

“She could still be alive,” Nylfami said in a skeptical tone that betrayed how little she believed in the possibility herself.

“Either way, that nasty orc is gonna get what’s coming to him!” Dorian exclaimed.

“Let’s just get it over with,” Nori moaned.

“He headed west out of town,” Leandra said. “I think he was probably going to the foot of the mountain, but wherever he’s heading, he should be easy to track.”

“They aren’t exactly subtle creatures,” Nylfami agreed.
“We’re right behind you, captain,” Dorian said.

“Maybe I should stay in town… just in case he comes back, right?” Nori offered.

“Brave of you to offer to fend him off all on your own,” Ulanda teased. “But maybe you had better stick with us.”

“Y-yeah, I guess you’re right,” Nori agreed swiftly.

The women set off after the foul predator, and as they predicted, his trail was quite easy to follow. Heavy imprints of his bare feet were visible in the soft soil and grass. They followed them into the trees, heading towards a nearby mountain. After a short while, they came upon a cave, nestled into the base of a cliff and surrounded by trees.

“This must be his hideout,” Ulanda reasoned.

“Barely a mile from town,” Nylfami said. “Only an orc could be so bold.”

“He thinks he can sit right outside of town and gobble up the ladies as he pleases?” Dorian fumed. “Ugh!”

“It stinks out here,” Nori complained.

“Yeah, what is that?” Dorian agreed, wrinkling her nose. There was a lingering stench in the air, some foul mixture of sweat, body odor, and other things.

“That’s the smell of an orc,” Captain Leandra said grimly. “We’re in the right place. She gave Dorian a pointed look. “You can draw your sword now.” The young warrior did so eagerly, staring ahead with bright determination in her eyes. Leandra smiled to herself. She was hard on Dorian, but she was quite fond and very impressed by her. She would be a great member of the team. Maybe the best. She just had a little growing up to do.

“So what’s the plan, boss?” Ulanda stepped forward to stand next to her captain. She was the third most experienced member of the troop, behind Nylfami and Leandra. “Want me to go in and sort him out?”

“He’s too strong to face alone, even for you,” Nylfami disagreed.

“Ha! You know nothing of strength, elf,” Ulanda snorted derisively. “I could pound him to dust with one hand tied behind my back!”

“No, we can’t risk losing you,” Nori protested. “He’ll just come eat us if you die!”

“Are you always such a coward?” Dorian asked, glaring at her dark-skinned compatriot. “This monster has eaten who knows how many girls and all you can think about is yourself.”

“That’s how I’ve stayed alive,” Nori jabbed, unfazed.

“Well that poor woman’s daughter wasn’t so lucky,” Dorian retorted hotly. “I’m with you, Ulanda. We can take him together.”

“We should lure him out,” Nori insisted. “No way am I going in that nasty cave- and you shouldn’t either.”

“You’ll do what the Captain says,” Nylfami interjected. She turned her gaze to Leandra. “So, what does the captain say?”

The captain rubbed her chin thoughtfully, weighing her options. She decides to…
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