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Girls Can’t Be Heroes - Page 20 - Overpower Them - By tummyterrors - Overview
Nylfami's magic was a useful tool, but everything was on the line here. Leandra decided to depend on the one thing she knew she could count on: her own strength.

"Listen," she whispered quietly, leaning in while the goblins argued. "They'll have to untie us to eat us. As soon as they do, start fighting. It will be our only chance to get away from them. Nori, you and me shouldn't have much trouble with them. Nylfami, if he overpowers you, just give him as much difficulty as you can. We'll save you after we get free." The mute elf looked uncertain, but she nodded in response. Nori looked over at their captors, swallowing hard.

“Nori?” Leandra pressed. “Are you listening?”

“Are you… are you sure we can fight them?” she whimpered, shaking slightly. What small amount of confidence the woman once possessed had been utterly destroyed by the events of the last couple of days. She had seen two of her comrades brutally digested, then she’d been raped and sold like a common whore. She was far from the neurotic but competent fighter she had been. But Leandra believed in her.

“Of course I’m sure,” she said with a confident smile. “Come on, we’ve done this before. We could handle twice as many.” Nori nodded, and for the first time since this all started, she began to liven up, the prospect of winning her freedom snapping her out of her traumatized state. “I’m counting on you, Nori. I believe in you.”

“Thank you, captain,” Nori whispered, even managing a weak smile. “I trust you.” With that, the trio of naked and bound women lapsed into silence, not wanting to give away their intentions to there would be killers.

“But you know I like dark meat,” one of the goblins was complaining, giving Nori a hungry glance. “Eat the elf, aren’t they your favorites?”

“Yeah, but she’s all skin and bones, that one, not enough meat on her!”

“All elves are skinny, you dimwit. There’s plenty of meat on that pasty bitch, she’s just taller. Look at those tits, eh? And that ass…”

“If she’s such a fine meal, you eat her then!”

This went on for a few moments, the girls listening with increasing discomfort and disgust as they were discussed and argued over like meat, until the nasty little brutes came to some agreement.

“Alright, ladies, I think you know what you’re here for,” one of them sniffed with an eager smile. “But we’re not monsters, and you’re more than just food to us. So we’ve decided to be generous and give you all one last good fucking before we eat you. It’s the least we can do.”

Leandra tightened her lips, and Nori squeezed her eyes shut. They would have to endure one last humiliation before they got their revenge, it seemed. None of them resisted as the goblins seized them with long, grabby fingers, pulling them into whatever position they desired. Leandra found herself on her hands and knees with a goblin’s hands holding tight to her hips. She swallowed hard, grimacing as he wiggled his penis between her cheeks and into her asshole. Nylfami received similar treatment, being shoved down on her pack as her tormented wrapped his arms around her thighs, holding her legs over his shoulders as his own cock slipped between her cheeks. Only Nori’s asshole was spared, though the green dick in her throat was no more welcome than the others. Goblin cocks are not unreasonably large, so there was no great deal of discomfort involved… but the humiliation was unspeakable.

Fortunately, the episode did not last long. The goblins each fulfilled their “needs”, tucking their ducks back under their loincloths, with the exception of the one Nori had just finished gobbling. The goblin was still holding her by her black curls, letting his flaccid, sticky green dick rest on her face. Leandra watched as it slowly stiffened again, and her heart sank as she realized Nori was getting a round 2.

Then, without warning, he crammed Nori’s face into his dickhole, letting slurp over her head to her neck. Leandra’s eyes widened in alarm. This wasn’t how things were supposed to go. She looked over at Nylfami’s goblin, who was pulling the elf’s hands into his open mouth, shackles and all. She felt a hand grip her by the hair, pulling her into a sitting position on her knees.

“Wha… y-you’re… eating us?” she gasped in horror. Nori’s body twisted and thrashed with wild, desperate ferocity, and Nylfami let out a dismayed squeal as her hands were swallowed.

“What did you think we were gonna do, marry ya?” her goblin jeered, grinning at her.

“B-but… the shackles… and rope!” Leandra protested.

“Ha! You think we’re stupid enough to untie a bunch of so-called warriors?” he chuckled. “My gut is about to boil kyour entire body down into shit. You think it can’t handle a few cuffs and some rope?” He took a fistful of her hair and pushed her head down to the level of his hips. Did he want a suck job? Then he turned around and lifted his loincloth with his other hand, exposing his flabby green ass cheeks. Leandra began to struggle, fear and dread gripping her.

“No, no… th-this can’t be happening,” she moaned, trying to pull away as he dragged her face closer to his smelly butt crack. “Oh goddess… not like this…”

“No goddess is gonna save you now,” he rasped cruelly, pulling one cheek to the side and pushing poor Leandra’s face right into his green crack. The stench was immediately unbearable, stinking of shit and musk and, well… ass.

“Wait, wait,” she begged breathlessly. She couldn’t believe what a fool she had been. Of course they can digest these bonds! “Please, I’ll do anything… you can’t eat us!” Her mind raced desperately. She couldn’t let herself be eaten… she had to save herself! And Nori and Nylfami, of course... but their fate was likely sealed. In her fear, she was thinking almost entirely of her own survival.

The goblin grunted as he wrestled with her head, trying to shove it into his asshole. Leandra thrashed and strained against her bonds, but she was utterly helpless. As she felt his pucker expanding over the crown of her head, she realized she wasn't getting away, and there was no way he would ever let her go.

"Please, n-not this way," Leandra begged, giving up on pleading for her life. "Just swallow me, don't do this to me... anything but this, that's all I'm asking..."

"I don't-nnghh- care what you want," he grunted as the rim of his asshole slowly slid over her eyes and down the bridge of her nose. "Now shut up and slide up my shithole."

"No,nngnnnoo!" Leandra growled, wiggling and writhing in a pathetic attempt to escape her foul fate. His asshole slid over her nose, and she spluttered as it reached her lips. "You.. ugh, you c-can't... do this to- uck! To me!"

"Nnnmmf... stupid girl, rrgh... stop squirming or I'll make this worse!" The goblin gave her head one last shove, his rectum slipping down over her chin and squelching down around her neck. Leandra made quite the pathetic, almost comical sight, a naked, muscular woman on her elbows and knees with her head stuck up a goblin's ass. Her butt swayed and wobbled as her hips twisted and her bound legs flailed in a futile and feeble attempt to stop what was happening to her.


Leandra froze as she felt his bowels rumble, followed by the ring of muscle around her neck relaxing just enough to let a disgusting fart squeeze out, filling the air with the stink her head was engulfed in. As his anal muscles tugged at her, pulling her in inch by inch, she just sat there with wide eyes. She could not believe what had just happened to her. Not even two days ago she had been a proud, accomplished, and competent warrior. Now she was wedged up a goblin ass while he farted around her helpless body. Tears of humiliation and despair welled in her eyes and she began to sob. She hated that she was crying on top of everything, just to make things that much more humiliating, but she didn’t know what else to do. She had never been afraid to die, and she wasn’t even that afraid of being eaten, but this… this wasn’t just being eaten. She was being desecrated and debased, destroyed in the most ridiculous and humiliating manner possible. Her self-image had survived by stripped naked, raped, and sold, but it could not survive this.

“Warrior or not, all bitches cry in the end,” she heard him chuckle, his voice booming in her ears. Her shoulders were beginning to slide into his spreading asshole. He got down on his own hands and knees, arching his back as his butthole tugged her deeper. Slowly her firm, shapely body squelched into his disgusting rectum, forcing her deeper and deeper into his bowels. Her boobs were smushed painfully as they entered his deadly colon, another fart or two slipping out around them. Then her hips squeezed between his cheeks, his stink hole spreading over her own ass. After that, her muscular thighs and calves followed quickly, until finally, her feet disappeared inside his asshole, his flabby cheeks closing behind them.

“No, no,” Leandra moaned in despair. “This can’t be happening… goddess please!” Her body was contorted and and constricted as she passed through his bowels and intestines, moving slowly towards her final destination. The heat was overwhelming and the stench was choking. By the time her head finally squeezed into his belly, almost an hour later, it was a massive relief. “Guuugghh…” she moaned as her womanly body squeezed out of the constricting tunnel of his small intestine, pushing up into his belly, which was not much bigger, admittedly. Her hands and ankles were still bound together, and as she was squashed into the tight sac of his stomach, the metal shackles bit into her flesh painfully.

The goblin’s belly was now as big as he was, and when he plopped down on his ass, legs spread around his gut, Leandra’s curled up shape was taller than him. She was facing outward, his tummy wrapped tight around her. Her knees were forced up against her breasts, her head forced down against her knees. It was horrendously uncomfortable. She could barely breathe, and her nostrils just refused to adjust to the acrid stench of his belly. The green, Leandra-shaped goblin belly wiggled and shook as its prisoner squirmed and strained, trying to lessen the painful discomfort. His taut gut stubbornly refused to give, holding her firmly in place. Leandra relaxed, her body heaving. The trip through his bowels had been harrowing and exhausting, and she had barely slept for two days. She was entirely spent, and despite the horrible stink and biting pain of her situation, she found her eyes beginning to flutter as exhaustion took her.

“Nori… Nylfami,” she called weakly, more out of a forlorn sadness than anything. Maybe they had got away… maybe some miracle had saved them. That would give her some peace as she died.

“Your friends are quite busy with my companions, at the moment.” The goblin’s voice was loud and muffled as it rumbled around her. “If you wanna talk to someone, it’ll have to be me. Or that shitty goddess of yours,” he chuckled.

Tears welled in her eyes, but she stayed quiet as she let sleep overtake her. Maybe she could regain enough strength to escape. Probably not. But sleep was an escape in itself. This was going to be a torturously long, hellishly painful and humiliating death. Sleep would bring her closer to the end, the only relief she was likely to find. And maybe she would have nice dreams.

She dreamed of fat, green cheeks spreading to reveal hungry, stinking asshole eager to swallow her up and shit her out. She dreamed of Nylfami and Nori thrashing and screaming as they turned to bones in front of her. She dreamed of Dorian sobbing in a fat man’s belly, and of Ulanda, begging for rescue as she melted into nothing. She dreamed she was the goddess herself, trapped inside a demon’s belly as she was digested for millions of years.

She woke up with a pitiful cry, sweating and panting. She tried to move and found that she was stuck. Then she remembered. She sobbed quietly, her body aching and sore, raw where the cuffs dug into her. She realized she was coated in a thin layer of juices that made her skin tingle and sting. Digestion had started.

“Aw, did you have a scary dream?” the goblin cooed mockingly. He reached around and patted her face. “Don’t worry, my delicious darling… whatever you dreamed about it can’t be nearly as bad as what my tummy is going to do to you.”

She believed him, and she couldn’t help the wail of despair and dread that escaped her. Panic was taking hold of her, stealing her ability to think or plan. She just struggled, desperate for escape. She strained hard, arching her back and groaning as she tried to stretch his belly. It gave a little, giving her a small glimmer of crazed hope. She pushed with her legs and arms, grimacing as she put every ounce of strength into it. His tummy continued to stretch, which could only be a good thing. She could feel the ground against her feet, separated only by a thin layer of goblin fat. Elation filled her as she began to stand, still wrapped up by his belly, which was expanding as she stretched out. She gasped for breath as her knees locked. She couldn’t believe it. She could hear all three goblins whooping and jeering, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when she burst free of this filthy goblin belly. It had to give way any second now. She just had to push… a little more.

Then something popped, and it wasn’t his belly. Both of Leandra’s knees had buckled, bending up the wrong way. She crumpled with a wrenching gasp of agony, and his tummy came snapping back with terrible force. Her broken legs snapped up, thighs forced up against her boobs, shattered knees wrapping backwards over her shoulders. Her hands, which had been held above her head, were wrenched down behind her back, and although they didn’t break, they were twisted painfully.

The scream that escaped the goblin’s misshapen belly then could have come from a dying pig. It was a shrill, breathless screech of unthinkable agony as the female’s broken body was squeezed tight by that deadly sac of flesh. She was literally balled up, laying almost horizontally, with all her limbs twisted back behind her back. Her legs shot lightning bolts of abject suffering up and down her body, throbbing with agony. The snickering goblin ran his hands over her utterly compromised form, down the back of her up-facing thighs and over her booty, which now jutted out against his belly button. He gave her a spank for good measure, but she barely felt it in her throes of pain.

“Not good enough, you stupid bitch, but thanks for the show!” he cawed, his friends joining in his laughter. Even Nori and Nylfami, jiggling inside their own personal hells, could hear their captain’s shrill, tortured squeals. “It would have been another day before the pain really started, but I guess you just like punishment.” The goblin chuckled throatily as he shifted. Each movement multiplied Leandra’s pain by a hundredfold. He toppled her over, making her lay face-down on the stone. In her new position, her ass was the perfect target. She mewled a wordless, pathetic plea as she felt his pulsing dick mashing up between her squashed cheeks. “Some whores are just like that,” he finished, moaning as he began to hump her helpless butt.

Goblins may not have huge dicks, but their stamina cannot be questioned. He raped her digesting ass for over half an hour, each lustful thrust rocking her back and forth and igniting fresh, burning agony in her broken legs. She sobbed and screamed and begged the whole time, until her throat was raw and her voice a hoarse whisper. When he finished defiling her, he groaned and fell back, pulling her back into her original position. He was snoring within seconds, leaving his tortured dinner to stew.

Leandra laid as still as she could, gasping out choked sobs. She hadn’t know this kind of suffering was possible. The pain came in slow, pulsing waves, wracking her entire being. Sleep was out of the question. The only sleep she could hope for was the final rest of death. Goddess, she hoped it came soon, and without much further pain. The butt-humping had jostled up the scant acids oozing around her, and every once in a while is tummy rumbled ominously. Her skin had gone from tingling to burning, but she was nowhere close to death, much as she wanted to be. There wasn’t enough fluid to drown in, and she wasn’t in the right position to try anyway. She let out a long, moaning sob. How had she let it come to this? Where had she gone wrong? For the first time since she had chosen this path, she regretted becoming a warrior. She should have just been a good girl and found a man to take care of her. Not all men were bad, right? Surely she could have found one that treated her right. And even if she did end up digesting in an abusive husband’s belly, or melting in rebellious son’s ballsack, it couldn’t have been worse than this. Eaten by a goblin’s ass… some warrior, she thought bitterly. She thought again of the pile of shit she would be when he was done with her. She squeezed her eyes shut, burning humiliation and despair washing over her. She was going to be goblin shit. She had often thought disdainfully of women who got themselves eaten by goblins, slimes, dogs, and other “embarrassing” predators. Even a feeble housewife should be able to avoid such a ridiculous end, to say nothing of a proud and trained warrior. But here she was, well on her way to fattening this nasty little monster’s ass.

The hours passed slowly. She had no way of knowing how long she has been goblin food. Almost two days, maybe. The burning was slowly becoming more and more intense, joining with the pain of her ruined legs. She wanted to squirm and wiggle in an attempt to escape the mounting sting of digestion, but even the slightest twitch set her legs alight with shocking pain. All she could do was sit, sobbing softly as she waited to die.

59 hours after her face had first entered his reeking butthole, Leandra began to scream again. The stinging had just gotten to be too painful, and she could no longer bear it. Nori and Nylfami had already been wailing for a couple of hours, writhing and twitching in their deadly prisons. Leandra felt like she was in a boiling soup bowl, her skin reddening and peeling as the acid tore at her. Goblin bellies are not very robust, so it was a cruelly slow process. It went ok like this for half a day, until Leandra was half-mad with pain and exhaustion. Her lungs and throat burned from the acrid fumes she was forced to breathe, and her skin was beginning to slough away into a melting goo that slowly drained into his intestines. Her legs still hurt, though that pain was mixed up with the agony of melting alive, indistinguishable from the rest of her suffering. With every hour, his belly shrank a tiny bit, compacting down on her as her body weakened and turned to slush. She wailed and moaned pitifully, too tired and weak to put up any fight at all.


Leandra heard and felt the rumbling fart that escaped her killer’s butt, expelling the gaseous remnants of what he had already digested. A day or two ago that would have been horrifically embarrassing and dehumanizing, but the former warrior was already broken. She had no pride left to offend.

“Prrleeaggh…. Maghk… maghk it shtuurrp…” she gurgled, her throat ragged and her tongue melting. She had been trapped in his body for almost four days by this point, though for her, it might as well have been four years. “Khhiighhll… muurrrrgh…”


Her pitiful pleas for death her drowned out by the ruthless churning of his stomach, gurgling and bubbling noisily. Her head was just barely sticking up out of a roiling slop of digested woman, a soupy mess of meat and chyme. Just a few feet away, Nori’s cum-splattered skull was laying on the ground, strands of wiry black hair stuck to it, and a chunky stew of dead elf sloshed in the other goblin’s round, wobbling belly. Only Leandra clung to life now, and that was no mercy. By the time her body finally gave way completely and her head sank beneath the caustic muck with a sad gloop, she had been in there for just over five days. She couldn’t have known this, but it was the longest anyone had survived in a goblin’s belly.

It was another three days before the goblin shat the last of her out, leaving a fat turd littered with fragments of bone and clumps of brown hair. It was a pathetic, humiliating and undignified end for such a proud and competent woman, but at least the suffering was over. Now her soul could rest in peace, moving on from the hellish death she had suffered.

At least, that’s what one would think.
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