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Camp Lucky Animals - Page 1 - Camp Lucky Animals - By alockwood1 - Overview
In a world where reformation technology exists, along with advanced technology, magic, talking animals, anthros, and beings from the realms of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other such places, you live in a predominately human town, and have never traveled more than a hundred miles from home. This changes the moment that you buy a bottle of pop, and find out that you are a winner in a contest, along with several of your friends. The Prize - all expenses paid trip to Camp Lucky Animals. Based on what you can tell, the camp is something of a party place, with very few rules, with the biggest being that All Sexual and Predation Encounters must be Consensual. The place has everything - pools, a lake to fish in, wooded hiking trails, and other things. A great prize to win indeed.

Rules -

1. Spelling and Grammar. Please try to keep this in mind, okay.

2. Any Vore is allowed - however, due to the technology/magic of the camp, Hard Vore and such is simply painless.

3. After a character's death, they are Reformed, in their bed, naked as the day they were born. They are also healed of any injuries, including pre-existing ones - those scares you got from an upset feral cat, those are gone. Kidney you donated, or limb you lost in an accident, you get that back. All that is healed.

4. Sex is allowed - all are 18+ years old, or the equivalent at any rate. All types are allowed.

5. While the Main Character is human, other characters can be anything else - anthro, talking animal, something from the realms of fantasy, sci-fi, or whatever.

6. No means No - all sexual and predation encounters are to be between willing participants - campers who violate this rule will find themselves expelled, and passed out the anus of the Camp Owner, a rather large dragon. After said violator is reformed, they are then sent packing back home, with no easy ride.

7. Make sure to write a story. A fetish without a decent story is like being served dry turkey at Thanksgiving. You'd want gravy, mashed potatoes, with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, vegetables, a dinner roll with butter, and a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream (sounds a lot better than just plain dry turkey).

8. I'm not a fan of Red Links - I'll give you 72 hours to come up with something, before I remove it. I'm also not a fan of Looped Links, or whatever that Duplicate Path thing is - please, do not put those in - I'll remove them, as I don't find them original.

Overall, have fun, and if you got questions, send me a PM.

Human 1 - Steve Johnson - human male, 18 years old. Straight. Likes hiking.

Human 2 - Mary Sampson - human female, 18 years old. Straight. Likes swimming.

Human 3 - Hank Roberts - human male, 18 years old. Gay. Likes fishing.

Human 4 - Sarah Jones - human female, 18 years old. Lesbian. Likes Arts and Crafts.

Human 5 - Rodger Smith - human male, 18 years old. Bi-sexual. Likes flowers.

Human 6 - Sally Fisher - human female, 18 years old. Bi-sexual. Likes archery.

Leo - Talking Lion. Camp Councilor. Likes to help new campers out. Loves to eat his co-Councilor, a human woman named Tina. Loves doing other things with her too.

Demonstration -

Soon enough, you and the others were in a room that was used by Leo, and a human woman - Tina.

"Now, given that you live in an area with mostly humans, odds are that you've never seen reformation in action," said Leo. "Tina and I are going to give you a demonstration." He turned to Tina. "Mind if I eat you?"

"Sure," the woman said, as she got out of her clothes. She then sat down on the floor. "Enjoy."

You watched in amazement as Leo, starting headfirst, began swallowing her. Soon enough, all that was sticking out of the lion's mouth was the woman's toes, which seemed to be wiggling in pleasure. With a final swallow, those vanished down the lion's throat.

"Delicious as always Tina," the lion said. He looked at you and the rest. "Sometimes a Predator wants to feel the Prey squirm, which is very pleasurable, but, in this case, let's just skip to the next part of the process."

There was a bright light, forcing you to shut your eyes. When you opened them, there was Tina, laying in the bed.

"Default reformation location is your bed," said Leo. "This can be changed to suit the situation."

Tina got up with a groan, and started putting her clothes back on. "Before you ask, I don't have any identical siblings."

"Alright," said Leo. "You may go now. Have fun, especially when Mealtimes roll around."
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