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Camp Lucky Animals - Page 180 - The snake - By Darktroll - Overview
The sanke slithers over to you and he smirks as he comes by you. His scales were more of a ball python and his white hair in a pony tail, but your eyes go straight to his massively wide hips, his butt cheeks larger than your whole body.
"Hello there~" He flirts, his voice feminine and you would have thought him as female, if not for the large boner he has, clearly uncaring who sees.
"Mary." "Samson." you both exchange pleasantries and relax a bit before he speaks up.
"This pool is nice, but I'm sure there are far better places to 'swim' in," he hisses, shifting his cheeks over your body, feeling how soft and plush it was.
"Interesting places..." He licks his lips at you.
"Or we can learn more about each other..." You suggest, flirting with him as you look towards an isolated part of the pool area, the snake getting your idea.
"That sounds like fun..."
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