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Camp Lucky Animals - Page 181 - A Polite Reminder - By alockwood1 - Overview
"Hey, Sam," said the lizardperson.

Samson looked at them. "What is it, Larry?"

Larry grinned. "In as much as I enjoy seeing him myself, mind putting Little Sammy away? We don't need a repeat of last time."

Samson got a nervous look on his face, as he looked down his body. "Crap." He looked around, and hurriedly swam, then, carefully, slithered, into the male changing room, complaining along the way.

"The rules don't care if you skinny dip in the pool, but heaven help you if the one lifeguard catches you with an erection," the lizard said.

"Why is that?" you asked.

"She's a succubus," said the tiger. "You get horny, and so does she. Then, she invites you to her office, and if you accept her invite, she does more than have sex with you. She also likes whipping, or rather, she likes being whipped."

"Sam found himself being the whip last time," said the otter. "He didn't like being that skinny."

Soon enough, there was a flushing sound, along with water running, and a gargling sound, followed by a spitting. The water shut off afterwards.

Samson slithered back out, cautiously looking around. "Tell me she isn't on-duty for a while?"

"Not for at least two hours," said Larry. "Time enough to pick a Meal or Sex Buddy, and not be in her line of sight."

"Um, right," said Sam. The snake slithered back to you, his maleness seemingly gone, most likely inside him if your knowledge about reptile anatomy was correct. "So, where were we?"
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