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Camp Lucky Animals - Page 220 - Speak of the devil... - By FurryTastyTreat - Overview
'Hey, Nick!' a female voice cried as it approached your table.

You and Nick look up to see a wolf towering over you, fluffy tail wagging behind her.

'Speak of the devil,' Nick muttered.

The wolf tilted her head to indicate she'd caught Nick's words and was curious, but one fox didn't elaborate.

'I'm Sally,' you say, extending your hand for the newcomer to shake.

As she took your hand in her paw with a firm grip, the wolf replied: 'Sasha. Nice to meet you.'

Having dealt with you, Sasha's gaze fell on Nick's bulging belly. 'My, you look very full today,' she commented.

'Yes, thanks to the lovely lady sitting across from me,' Nick revealed, nodding at you.

Sasha's stroked Nick's tummy with a paw. 'This used to be you?'she questioned.

A sense of pride swells within you. 'Yep, several times over,' you confirm.

'Dear Nick here knows how that feels. I have a taste for fox, which I indulged with his help. Let me tell you, this man is delicious and delightfully squirming when he's sliding down my gullet,' Sasha tells you.

You can see Nick is blushing under his glossy red-brown fur.

Spotting an empty chair at another table, Sasha drags it over to sit down next to you. Now she's next to you, you can hear her tummy rumbling.

'I brought Sally here to recharge after three rounds of fun,' Nick explains.

'Yes, must look after your meals. I'm on the hunt for food now. Something tasty, familiar, and very filling would be perfect,' Sasha declares, her amber eyes focusing on Nick.
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