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Camp Lucky Animals - Page 221 - Xena rubs you from the outside, the tinys from the inside - By FurryTastyTreat - Overview
As you sit back in your chair, you feel rhythmic movements from deep within. The tinys are having sex inside your stomach. You feel the moment one lucky couple climax and hear their muffled cry of joy. Nothing you've ever done before has felt like this.

Your usually quite flat stomach is stretched, the outlines of the miniature humans pressing against it from within sometimes visible.

'Now I understand how you felt eating me,' you say to Xena.

The tigress smiles. 'No, you don't. You as meal gave me ten times the pleasure,' Xena replies.

When she notices you're beginning to tire of the activity within, Xena stretches a paw towards your stomach. 'Fancy some belly rubs?' she asks.

As soon as you give her the nod, Xena begins to gently massage your stomach. The activity in your tummy calms as the rhythmic circular strokes of Xena's paw relaxes you. The tinys seem to be getting softer inside you.

'This will stimulate your digestion, getting them melted down faster,' Xena tells you in a smooth, relaxing tone.

Sure enough, the contents of your stomach are soon still and soft, nothing but nutritious mush. You release a happy sigh as Xena withdraws her paw.

'You've just successfully eaten up your first prey. Congratulations, predator,' Xena says.
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