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Dungeons and Monsters Interactive - Page 1 - Dungeons and Monsters Interactive - By alockwood1 - Overview
Back in 1974, Gary Gygax, among others, developed what is known as Dungeons and Dragons. Unknown to them, they were being watched by the vary sorts of creatures their game used as possible allies or enemies. The creatures decided to take the game, and tweak it to make Dungeons and Monsters. For each version of Dungeons and Dragons, there was a corresponding version of Dungeons and Monsters. The two games were even compatible with each other, to certain degrees. One of the biggest differences is this – seems that Swallow is a very common ability – even Player Races have it. As of 2020, 5th Edition is out, and with the release of Tasha’s, lots of changes have been made. One of these changes is the use of Immersion Technology/Magic – instead of moving a token representing the Player’s Character, the player is mentally in the very world created by the DM, controlling the character personally. Also, as of 2020, this is when the Monster World gets Revealed to the Human World, with Monster Towns appearing alongside of human ones. Human Tabletop Gamers eventually learned of the Monster versions of their favorite TTRPGs.

This is where the story starts – a human D&D 5e player looking for a game, only to find one in a group of Monster Players, and DM.

Rules –

1. Spelling and Grammar please. We all know how to write here.

2. Game rules are based off of D&D5e. Keep this in mind. That being said, other versions of D&D, and Pathfinder, and other such games, can have their own branches.

3. Rule Zero means that the DM, with the permission of the players, can change the rules to make things run smoothly.

4. Oral Vore is the main vore. Others may depend on the race of the character. Unless specified otherwise, characters have no issues swallowing those two sizes smaller than them – humans can swallow pixies, and humans can be swallowed by giants.

5. Vore against enemies can be Fatal, or Non-Fatal. Vore between friends is Non-Fatal.

6. Immersion Technology/Magic lets a player control their character personally. In Homebrew games, Characters tend to be based off of the Player, in terms of race and abilities. Thus, Human players will often find themselves playing as non-magic based human characters in Homebrew Games. That being said, Magic Armor, weapons, shields, and other gear tends to be easy to find.

7. Sex between the Characters and NPCs will depend on the age of the Players. This also applies to out-of-game sex.

8. For in-person games not using the Immersion Technology/Magic, Vore between the Players/DM is possible – like if a dragon DM swallows the Player controlling the Wizard, to represent the in-game wizard getting devoured by the in-game dragon. However, this is non-fatal, and permission must be given.

Any Questions – send me a PM.
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