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Dungeons and Monsters Interactive - Page 195 - A Lioness's Pussy - By alockwood1 - Overview
"Well, Alexa, you'll be cleaning out your possible room," said Nala.

Alexa looked down, and saw what the lioness's fingers were pointing at.

"Um, will I fit?" she asked.

The lioness chuckled. "Of course you will," she said. "You'd be surprised as to what you'll be able to fit into."

"Um, so, what can affect me while I'm inside of you, or another Predator?" Alexa asked.

"Well, any touch-based spells would work on you, if I, or another Predator, used them on you," said Alexa. "Extra useful if your Predator is a Healer sort. Cure Wounds, Lay on Hands, Inflict Wounds, Spare the Dying, and so on. Of course, one tries to avoid casting spells that might cause other effects, to the Predator." She looked back up at Alexa's eyes, as Alexa, likewise, looked up at hers. "So, do you want to flip a coin as to who licks out who first? Likewise, do you want to call it, or I?"
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