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Adopted by Anthros - Page 1 - Adopted by Anthros - By alockwood1 - Overview
Not every child is raised by their birthparents. Sometimes things happen. In many cases though, someone decides to take on the challenge of adopting a child that needs love.

1. Spelling and Grammar are a must.

2. The child can range from Infant, on up to Near-Adult, or even an Adult, in terms of age - just so long as they were adopted as a child.

3. The child could still be raised by one, or both, of their biological parents (like in the cases of divorce or widow/widower types of situations), but need at least one Anthro Step-parent.

4. The child can, and probably will, have step-siblings.

5. The child can be vored, but it is non-fatal, and non-sexual in nature, and is treated along the same lines as hugs and kisses tend to be (at least between family - between older teenagers and adults and their lovers, that's another story).

6. Older children, say 17+, can be involved in sexual relationships - and any sexual relationship is allowed - straight, homosexual, bisexual, whatever. Sexual relationships between step-family is not allowed (as that's gross), but mild tasting of genitalia during friendly vore is, of course, understandable - just don't focus on it.

7. Soft, Oral, and Non-Fatal Vore between willing participants is the main thing, especially if the child is young. Older Teens, and Adults, can go through other forms of Vore, with Non-Fatal scenarios in mind.

8. The step-family is to be a caring family - not necessarily perfect, but they care about their child/sibling.

9. Fatal Vore is off the table, for now. Likewise, Unwilling Scenarios, except in the form of mild teasing, either between family or lovers, is to be avoided.

10. Protection, in the form of a Pill, is used by Prey to prevent digestion, and thus allows for Full Tour situations. Regurgitation is also possible, among other such things.

11. Food Play/Cooking types of scenarios are allowed, as there's a special liquid/oil that can be applied to prevent any actual harm, and keep food from actually sticking to someone during things like cake/pie. A few other similar things also allow for the prey to be safely stuffed - as the stuffing simply leaves them, and enters the stomach of a Predator.

12. I'm not a fan of Red Links - I'll give you 72 hours to come up with something, before I remove it. I'm also not a fan of Looped Links, or whatever that Duplicate Path thing is - please, do not put those in - I'll remove them, as I don't find them original.

Any further questions - send me a PM.
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