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Meal-Pet-Slave - Page 1 - Meal-Pet-Slave - By alockwood1 - Overview
The Resort, known for indulging in all sorts of fetishes, the biggest attraction is the Meal-Pet-Slave, or MPS for short. A visitor can purchase the services of one, or become one themselves.

1. Spelling and Grammar are a must.

2. Any fetish is allowed - quick healing and reformation are in play for those that want it Rough or Fatal. Pain Sensitivity can be turned down, so that the MPS isn't in any discomfort.

3. MPSs can be altered for individual preferences, like giving those used for sex by larger male's a certain amount of elasticity, and ability to have their internal organs shift around, to fit their master's maleness.

4. Any Vore is allowed. Cooking, Butchering, and so on, are all allowed, but Painless is preferred for such things.

5. Any forms of Sex is allowed. MPSs can be partners or toys in this.

6. Volunteer and Pleasure MPSs are either fellow Guests or Workers at the Resort, and have the right to refuse to do something that their Master wants them to do. In that case, the Master can propose an alternative, or make a deal with the MPS, and do something for them, so that they can do what the Master wants. In in case, deals are important, as there are consequences to breaking Deals.

7. Unauthorized Abuse of an MPS is not allowed. An MPS under a Gentle Status isn't to be treated Rough unless they are willing to change this status. The satisfaction of an MPS is just as important as the Master, as there are consequences.

8. Consequences of Deal Breaking and Unauthorized Abuse can result in becoming a Punishment MPS, which do not have the right to refuse to do as their Master says. An abusive Master could easily become an MPS themselves, with their MPS becoming the Master.

9. The purpose of this place is to have fun.

10. Any creature from any form of fiction is allowed - Fantasy beings, Aliens, Monsters, Anthros, Talking Animals, and Humans - all exist side-by-side here.

11. I'm not a fan of Red Links - I'll give you 72 hours to come up with something, before I remove it. I'm also not a fan of Looped Links, or whatever that Duplicate Path thing is - please, do not put those in - I'll remove them, as I don't find them original.

In need of a vacation, you head to a place known as The Resort. As you enter, a wolf standing behind the check-in desk greets you.

"Ah, welcome to the Resort," they said. "Stay for a short time, or longer. There's plenty of things to do - restaurants, the zoo, amusement park, and of course, the ever popular Meal-Pet-Slave, or MPS for short. Purchase the services of one, or, if you're daring, become one during your stay."
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