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An animal's touch - Page 1 - A new day - By that_fox - Overview

Light comes forth to the most unwanted place, darkness fleets at it's coming. He opens his eyes to find morning greeting him, shapes around him gradually materialize into his room. Just another day in John's life as a so called man now, as he had just turned 18 and found that he could now do many things of which he could not have done before. He could even move off the farm if he wanted to, a thought which he never had entertained before.

Once his eyes fully adjusted he looked around and found his normal room that he had slept in for the last 18 years. His room was rather small although homey to him, the walls were painted a slight orangish hue that was most visible in the early morning sunlight and the last few hours before sunset, he had a nightstand next to his bed and a dresser with clothes thrown about around it. Finally he had a closet and a table with his prized sketchbook and colored pencils on it.

He went over to the sketchbook and flipped through a couple pages. They had various realistic animals on them, and he noted a few animals that he wanted to sketch the most that he may be able to find in the immediate area. It had always been an obsession of his to sketch out animals, especially the more mysterious ones and the ones that supposedly had special powers. Although, he never believed in those special powers since they go against all logic.

"Well, I guess there's nothing planned for today either. Maybe I should go out today." John stated aloud as he yawned and Left his room

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