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Preyslut Taeka - Page 1 - Intro - By oldmathmetician - Overview
As Taeka you are the definition of petite. Barely standing at four and half feet and with a waifish but definitively feminine frame many people could barely consider you a snack. You have blonde hair, paired with nine fluffy tails trailing behind you, fair skin, and emerald green eyes. Your bug bite tits are easy lost behind anything but sheer cloth but you have fertile looking hips and a fat bubble butt. Between your legs is a glistening flower-like slit that is largely overlooked in favor of your backdoor. Which due mostly to your older sister, is nice and pliant and eager for large insertions. We're it not for your sister's preference you'd probably be pregnant with you own nice many times over. Your fist day at the new school starts in the morning and you can't wait to slut about.

Said sister, Mae is a dickgirl. She looks like a taller, more womanly, and filled out version of you with a massive knotted cock. Mae is honestly surprised, and a little disappointed, that you've made it this far, and it's pretty easy to see the predatory gleam in her eye when you're in the same room.

Beyond your sister you also live with your mother Sae, who is the milf version of you and. It's a surprise she's still kicking around as well. The other half of your parentage is a mystery.
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