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A Predator in Town - Page 14 - Have fun with your meal first - By GeneralKenobi420 - Overview
Watching her covered in chocolate gives you an idea.

"Careful there sis. Don't you remember how mom hates it when you dirty your clothes with chocolate? The stains are hard to remove" you say that as you walk over to her and help her remove her dress. As you remove her dress, she doesn't complain as she is used to being dressed by her parents.

Now all that is left of clothing is her underwear. You help her take that off too.

Her body now fully on display. You swipe a bit of the chocolate on her face and wipe it on her chest.

"haha, that tickles, what are you doing?"
"Heh, you made a mess on yourself. Its gonna take a while to clean"

she then mimics you by doing the same on herself, then suddenly she wipes it on your face instead.
she giggles as you are surprised.
"Now we are both dirty haha" she laughs
"if that's how you want to play then.." you quickly scoop a bit more chocolate and wipe it on her body.
she tries to avoid but fails. she then does the same thing to you making sure to swipe it across your face. You both exchange back and forth covering each other in chocolate while eating it at the same time.

After a while, she starts to feel sleepy as the sugar rush ends and she yawns.

"yaaawn, I'm tired now" she says sleepily
You look at her, covered from head to toe in chocolate, looking very delicious.

"Well, you can rest on the couch, ill clean up the mess."

With that she heads off to lie on the couch quickly dozing off to deep sleep.

After 10 minutes you check on her by touching her cheeck. She doesn't respond. Your stomach growls again. The chocolate you ate was not enough and your sister looks delectable being covered like an chocolate egg.

do you...
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