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A Predator in Town - Page 16 - Offer a thorough cleaning - By GeneralKenobi420 - Overview
"Hey Sam, I can help you get cleaned up better. how about that?"

"eeh? But I'm trying to learn to bath on my own.."

"I'll only wash the hard to reach parts."

"Hmm ok.

You add a bunch of soap on your hands and rub them together till there is foam. You start by washing his back and move down to his ass rubbing in between them.

"I-I can wash there" Sam says a bit shyly

"No we have to make sure its thoroughly cleaned, even inside"

"Inside?" he questions

"Yeah just bend down a bit and I'll show you" as you say that you rub the soap on his hole, making sure to loosen it a bit with your fingers
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